About us

The Elite Sports Group (ESG) are made up from leading experts in sports nutrition, sports medicine and training physiology. We not only have the expertise to allow athletes attain top performance, we also have the knowledge to keep athletes performing at their best. Our team include experts in sports medicine and the most experienced doctors in sport nutrition, sport physiology and sport training. In addition to providing the top level nutrition and sports medicine support ESG can also provide the highest level of coaching from experienced professional riders. Our team is internationally respected and work with Olympic and world champions from a wide range of sports as well as the general public. We have unsurpassed expertise in overcoming sports injuries and the physiological challenges posed by hard training and competition, particularly in female athletes. Whether you simply want to train more effectively to break your personal best, or compete with the best at the Olympics or Tour De France, the Elite Sport Group has everything you need to achieve your goals.



I have only recently become serious about my training, is it worth me contacting ESG for advice?

Most certainly yes! Our expertise will ensure that you get the most out of every training session, resulting in more efficient training sessions and faster improvements in performance, saving you time and effort.


I am already a professional athlete and get similar services via my team, can you really help me improve my performance?

ESG are at the cutting edge of training, nutrition and sports medicine. Many of our clients are already in top level teams be they Olympic athletes or Tour De France riders, yet in recognition of the benefits they get from ESG they choose us over their ‘official’ service providers.


Can I afford the high quality services provided by ESG?

Over many years working with top-level teams we have developed strategies to deliver the highest quality personalized programs in a cost effective way. Our personalized rather than generic approach means fewer consultations are needed to achieve the required result, saving you precious time and money.


What experience do ESG have working with female athletes?

We have extensive experience working with female athletes and recognise the physiological factors that often underpin poor health and performance in women differ from. Our female clients have frequently gone on to achieve major performance improvements, in several instances resulting in ‘surprise’ World Championship wins.


How do the Elite Sport Group stay at the cutting edge of knowledge and sports practice?

The core team at ESG are exceptionally well qualified and as a minimum hold at least two degrees and typically a doctorate. This detailed knowledge helps us maintain our position at the cutting edge, both through our own research and investigations performed by leading universities we are associated with. Uniquely, we also have close links to industry giving access to the latest technology and thinking long before it ever reaches the mainstream.