The Elite Sports Group (ESG) have decades of experience working on endurance training and strength and power in a wide range of sports. ESG have worked at the highest level in cycling, running, swimming, triathlon, boxing, sailing, mountain biking, skiing and Formula 1 motor racing. Our expertise in endurance training and strength and power sports is widely recognised, as is our consistent track record of success with top level athletes and teams. Working across a broad spectrum of sports has led to the cross fertilisation of ideas, resulting in more effective nutrition and training programs from ESG. For example we have refined fat and weight loss programs originally developed for professional boxers, to increase the power to weight ratios of runners, triathletes and cyclists. Similarly we utilise the most advanced endurance training techniques from classics and grand tour cyclists to prepare riders for one day and stage races. This allows our clients to get the same endurance training benefits with a reduced training volume, which saves valuable time and reduces the risk of overuse injuries and illness. Our special endurance training techniques have successfully been applied to reduce training volume and injury risk in middle distance, marathon and ultra-marathon runners, as well as ironman triathletes.

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