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Sports medicine

Sports medicine is one of the most important but underestimated contributors to sports performance. It involves preventing sporting injuries and illness and when they do occur treating them effectively with appropriate interventions to provide the best possible outcomes. The Elite Sport Group (ESG) are experts in using safe and legal sports medicine practices to minimise the adverse effects of exercise, and maximise the beneficial effects of training. It was only in the latter half of the 20th Century that sports medicine emerged as a distinct scientific discipline within healthcare and the ESG team have made a significant contribution to this field, publishing research in clinical and sports medicine journals.

Elite Sport Group - Cycling Sports Medicine

The ESG have developed a unique approach to sports medicine that seamlessly integrates classic medical interventions, nutrition and physiotherapy. For sports injuries this can minimise secondary problems, such as infection, inflammation, loss of muscle performance and training disruptions. This has allowed athletes to finish in the top 10 at the Tour De France despite severe injuries caused by multiple crashes. Utilisation of ESG services by injured athletes have allowed them to recover faster and return to competition more quickly, with reduced risk of re-injury. For example an athlete supported by ESG is currently competing at the 2012 Olympics, just six months after shoulder reconstruction surgery.

Elite Sport Group - Cycling Sports Medicine

Athletes routinely use ESG sports medicine services to reduce injury risk, increase performance, maximise the benefits of altitude training, increase red blood cell counts, increase oxygen transport and prevent nutrient deficiencies. Such dietary problems are particularly common in athletes participating in distance events such as running, cycling and triathlon; particularly in women and vegetarians. Our cycling sports medicine services are the choice of leading professional and amateur riders, in addition to elite athletes from triathlon, running and swimming.

“I had four big crashes at the Tour De France and used sports medicine interventions from the Elite Sport Group to recover quickly, so I could still finish the race strongly.” Janez Brajkovic 9th overall at the 2012 Tour De France

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