Dong Feng Racing

Dong feng means “the eastern wind” and Dong Feng Racing is the Chinese entry for the 2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race. This is the most important offshore sailing event, circumnavigating the globe in 9 Legs covering 38,739 nautical miles (72,000 km). The team is backed by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles and is run by leading sailing management company OC Sport.

For the 2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race all the teams use identical boats, removing technical advantages. This provides the teams with exactly the same performance and competitive opportunities during the race.

The team has development of Chinese sailing at its core; so select a significant number of Chinese crew for each leg. This allows young Chinese sailors to enhance their sailing skills and gain top level ocean racing experience.

Despite Dong Feng Racing’s comparatively inexperienced crew the team was abitious from its inception. The use of identical boats lead Dong Feng Racing to search for a competitive advantage by enhancing performance of the crew. Recognising ESG’s proven expertise in recovery nutrition, and nutrition for sailing they approached us to develop a nutrition program for the Volvo Ocean Race.

ESG provided Dong Feng sailing with cutting edge scientific nutrition advice. This was used to maintain and even improve the crew’s mental and physical performance during each leg. This was achieved by scientifically addressing the technical and dietary challenges arising from a diet of freeze dried food. In addition we provided sports medicine advice to help both health monitoring and recovery between each leg.

Dong Feng Racing’s impact on the Volvo Ocean race was immediate; finishing 2nd on the Leg 1 from Alicante to Cape Town. On Leg 2 to Abu Dhabi they were gain 2nd and then won Leg 3 to their home port of Sanya. On Leg 4 Dong Feng were 3rd. Dong Feng Racing’ consistent high performance means they still lead the Volvo Ocean Race as the fleet starts Leg 5 to Brazil.

Dong Feng Racing – 2nd Leg 1 – Cape Town (SA)
Dong Feng Racing – 2nd Leg 2 – Abu Dhabi (UAE)
Dong Feng Racing – 1st Leg 3 – Sanya (CHN)
Dong Feng Racing – 3rd Leg 4 – Aukland (NZL)