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Club and small group talks

One of the most cost effective ways to access expertise within the Elite Sports Group (ESG) is by our sports physiology, sports medicine and sports nutrition talks. These are ideal to introduce young athletes to good practices and will improve the performances of even the most experienced athletes. We have provided sports medicine, physiology and cycling nutrition talks to a variety of teams including MTN-Qhubeka, Cervelo Test Team, Geox TMC and An Post Sean Kelly Cycling Team. ESG talks are always delivered by core members of our team who work directly with Olympic champions, World Championships and Tour De France champions. This ensures that all ESG clients benefit from our experiences gained working in the top level of sport with the worlds best athletes. Uniquely this also allows us to share the very latest scientific training programs and research relating to injury treatment, rehabilitation, training physiology, muscle recovery, rehydration, ergogenic aids and in some instances sports equipment. ESG are able to provide our clients the ultimate in scientific sports nutrition, sports medicine and sports physiology support because we also perform our own research trails. As a direct result of this investment we routinely use and provide our clients techniques that years or even decades ahead of current thinking.

“Rob delivered a wonderful presentation for Kingston Wheelers.  He covered an awful lot of ground in an well structured manner which went from basics to some fairly advanced concepts relatively quickly, which was much appreciated by our educated and informed membership.  He also managed to give the audience a glimpse of how professional athletes work while also putting nutrition into the context of enthusiastic amateurs pursuing the sport of cycling alongside family, career and other commitments.  Highly recommended.” Andy Edwards, Kingston Wheelers

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