Elite Sport Group - Cycling Physiology


Human physiology is the science relating form and structure to function. This involves the study of muscle mechanics, anatomy and biochemical functions at the whole body, organ, and cellular level. As a consequence of our research on training and physical performance the Elite Sport Group (ESG) have cutting edge knowledge in all these areas. This has been gained working in top universities, with international athletes and by conducting research at world leading clinical research departments.

Cycling Physiology - Elite Sport Group (ESG)

ESG has provided cycling physiology, nutrition and sports medicine services at the worlds toughest sports events including the Olympics, World Championships, cycling ‘Classics’,  the Tour of Italy (Giro) and the Tour De France. Our clients recognise ESG provide cutting edge knowledge, that allows athletes to achieve their full potential, attaining and maintaining top performance.

ESG- Cycling physiology urine analysis

Our research work on cycling physiology includes hydration, increasing energy delivery, reducing tissue damage, injury management and maximising the effects of sea level and altitude training. Some of our investigations have been published as papers in scientific journals, both nationally and internationally. The research activities of ESG allow us to stay ahead of current thinking in cycling physiology, coaching and sports science. The protocols we have developed give our clients a significant performance advantage in training and competition. When our research data do reach the public domain they are often adopted by competing teams or athletes. However, this process typically takes many years and during this period our continued investment in science keeps ESG and our athletes well ahead of the competition.

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