Elite Sport Group - Extreme Challenges

Extreme challenges

All the members of the Elite Sport Group (ESG) have a detailed understanding of human physiology and more importantly how the human body responds when pushed to it’s absolute limits. We have unique experience working with athletes of all abilities, ranging from world and Olympic champions to weekend warriors. Our unsurpassed knowledge of sports nutrition, sport physiology and sports medicine gives us the expertise needed to make the most extreme physical challenges achievable. Whether your aspiration is to reach the South Pole solo, finish in the top ten at Tour De France, complete an Ironman triathlon, or simply complete a cycle sportive; ESG have all the experience needed to attain and surpass your goals.

nutrition for Transalp mountain bike racing

“This time, there was no voice saying: ‘You can do more.’  My emotions were so rich: Relief, pride, utter contentment and a sense of achievement – fully proportional to what I’d overcome. I was deeply, deeply, happy – That’s how success feels…” Fiona Thornewill MBE, Polar Explorer


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