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Formula One

Motor racing often imposes extreme physical demands on the drivers and formula one is undoubtedly the ultimate challenge. Cockpit temperatures can reach 50oC, with drivers experiencing over 5 times gravitational force in fast corners and 4 times gravitational force under braking. Our research data on formula one drivers has shown that completing a Grand Prix can be as demanding as running a marathon. Dr Rob Child has  performed investigations in Formula 1 nutrition to evaluate the nutrient status of the drivers. He has also performed research investigations with McLaren F1 to quantify the effectiveness of ‘driver aids’ developed by their race engineers. To find out more about this work click here.

ESG- Formula 1 nutritionOther aspects of our work in Formula 1 nutrition remain confidential; however ESG offer a range of services to cope with the unique demands of motor sport. We can provide personalised fat loss programs for drivers, which simultaneously increase strength,  endurance and the ability to cope with hot and humid race conditions. We can also provide race day hydration programs that maintain body fluid levels, but wont leave drivers running for the toilet just before the race start. Scientific data show our personalized hydration programs are highly effective and are the result of many years work with athletes competing in events lasting more than 7 hours, in temperatures routinely exceeding 40oC.

ESG- Formula 1 nutrition

In addition to cutting edge work on hydration ESG have recently developed stimulant free nutrition interventions that simultaneously improve several aspects of cognitive performance; including concentration, alertness and reaction time. These have proved invaluable for maintaining concentration day after day and were first used with great success at the 2012 Tour De France. ESG’s cutting edge interventions are safe, scientifically proven and WADA legal; providing major advantages over conventional stimulants like caffeine and ‘energy drinks’ like Red Bull. These often have significant side effects including nervousness, tremor and insomnia; which are all detrimental driving performance. Our interventions have already been used successfully at cycling stage races and are ideally suited to events requiring quick reactions and sustained concentration, especially long distance sportscar racing.


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